Teddy Bear Day Care

4623 Lehigh Drive, Walnutport, PA 18088-9508
(610) 767-9240 - myteddybeardaycare@yahoo.com

Daily Schedule (example of our preschool rooms)



6:00-9:00Arrival, TV, Free Play
9:00-9:45Small Group Play, Snack
9:45-10:00Bathroom Break
10:00-10:30Morning Meeting
10:30-10:50Theme Activity (Mon-Thurs) - Show and Share (Fri)
10:50-11:10Reading/Math Readiness
11:10-11:30Centers/Basic Skills (Mon-Thurs) - Free Play (Fri)
11:30-12:15Lunch and Clean Up
12:15-12:45TV or Outside Play
12:45-1:00Bathroom Break
1:00-3:00Rest Period
3:00-6:00Snack and Free Play